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Zennor Parish Council has developed this website on behalf of our community. Whether you are a visitor or a resident, here you can find out information about our Parish, what to do and where to eat, drink and stay. Find out why Zennor is such a unique and special place, cherished by the people that live here and visitors alike.

You can also find out about Zennor Parish Council, who we are, when we meet, what we do, and how we work to serve the interests of our parishioners.

Zennor is both a village and a Parish, located on the rugged north Cornish coast, 14 miles from Land’s End and 4 miles west of St. Ives. The Parish is 4 miles long and 1 mile wide, and consists of small fields strewn with granite boulders, meandering streams, dramatic coastal cliffs, and ancient hamlets. Cornish granite hedges cover the land, and support an abundance of wildlife. These field systems date back to the Bronze Age (4000 years ago) and are the oldest living artefacts in the world.

Meeting Dates 2023-24

ACM 9th May 2023
FCM 13th June 2023
FCM 11th July 2023
FCM 12th September 2023
FCM 10th October 2023
FCM 14th November 2023
FCM 12th December 2023
FCM 9th January 2024
FCM 12th February 2024
FCM 12th March 2024
FCM 9th April 2024
APM 14th May 2024
Full Council Meeting (FCM)
Annual Parish Meeting (APM)
Please use this Cornwall Council REPORT IT link for issues not within Zennor Parish Council’s remit.

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