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Agendas and Minutes

Information available from ZPC gives details of the information held by the Parish Council and how it may be accessed.

The minutes of Parish Council meetings will be posted here as drafts. They will not become final until they are approved at the subsequent meeting.

Copies of minutes for earlier meetings are available from the Parish Clerk. Records go back about 100 years.

Full meetings and minutes are documented here:

2018 Minutes & Agendas

Agenda 11th December 2018                                Minutes 11th December 2018

Agenda 13th November 2018                                Minutes 13th November 2018

Agenda 9th October 2018                                      Minutes 9th October 2018

Agenda 11th September 2018                                Minutes 11th September 2018

Agenda 10th July 2018                                           Minutes 10th July 2018

Agenda 12th June 2018                                          Minutes 12th June 2018

Agenda Annual Meeting 8th May 2018                  Minutes 8th May 2018

Agenda Parish Meeting 8th May 2018                    Minutes Parish Meeting 8th May 2018

Agenda 10th April 2018                                          Minutes 10th April 2018

Agenda 13th March 2018                                        Minutes 13th March 2018

Agenda 6th February 2018                                      Minutes 6th February 2018

Agenda 9th January 2018                                        Minutes 9th January 2018

2017 Minutes & Agendas

ZPC Agenda 12th December 2017                         ZPC Minutes 12th December 2017

ZPC Agenda 14th November 2017                         MINUTES 14th November 2017

ZPC-Agenda-10th-October-2017-1                         ZPC Minutes 10th Oct 17

ZPC-Agenda-12th-September-2017-1                    ZPC-Minutes-12th-Sept-2017

ZPC-Agenda-July-2017                                           ZPC-Minutes-11th-July-2017

ZPC-Agenda-June-2017                                          ZPC-Minutes-13th-June-2017

ZPC-AGM-Agenda-14-May-2017                            AGM-Minutes-2017

ZPC-Agenda-May-2017                                           ZPC-Minutes-May-2017

ZPC-Agenda-April-2017                                           ZPC-Minutes-April-2017

ZPC-Agenda-March-2017                                        ZPC-Minutes-March-2017

ZPC-Agenda-February-2017                                    ZPC-Minutes-February-2017

zpc-agenda-january-2017                                         ZPC Minutes January 2017

2016 Minutes & Agendas

ZPC-Agenda-December-2016                                 ZPC-Minutes-December-2016

zpc-agenda-november-2016                                    ZPC Draft Minutes November 2016

zpc-agenda-october-2016                                        ZPC Draft Minutes October 2016

zpc-agenda-september-2016                                   ZPC Draft Minutes September 2016

zpc-agenda-june-2016                                              ZPC Draft Minutes June 2016

zpc-agenda-april-2016                                              ZPC Draft Minutes April 2016

zpc-agenda-march-2016                                           ZPC Draft Minutes March 2016

zpc-agenda-january-2016                                         ZPC Draft Minutes January 2016

2015 Minutes & Agendas

.                                                                                 zpc-minutes-december-2015

.                                                                                 zpc-minutes-october-2015

.                                                                                 zpc-minutes-september-2015


ZPC Agenda May 2015

Agenda ZPC 10th March 2015                                  Minutes ZPC 10th March 2015

Agenda ZPC 10th February 2015                              Minutes ZPC 10th February 2015

Agenda ZPC 13th January 2015                                Minutes ZPC 13th January 2015

Minutes & Agendas Pre 2014

Agenda ZPC 9th December 2014                               Minutes ZPC 09th December 2014

Agenda ZPC 11th November 2014                             Minutes ZPC 11th November 2014

Agenda ZPC 14th October 2014                                 Minutes ZPC 14th October 2014

Agenda ZPC 9th September 2014                               Minutes ZPC 09th September 2014

Agenda ZPC 8th July 2014                                          Minutes ZPC 08th July 2014

Agenda ZPC 10th June 2014                                       Minutes ZPC 10th June 2014

Agenda ZPC AGM 13th May 2014                               Minutes ZPC 13th May 2014

Agenda ZPC 8th April 2014                                          Minutes ZPC 08th April 2014

Agenda ZPC 11th March 2014                                     Minutes ZPC 11th March 2014

Agenda ZPC 11th February 2014                                 Minutes ZPC 11th February 2014

Agenda ZPC 14th January 2014                                   Minutes ZPC 14th January 2014

Agenda ZPC 10th December 2013                               Minutes ZPC 10th December 2013

Agenda ZPC 12th November 2013                               Minutes ZPC 12th November 2013

Agenda ZPC 8th October 2013                                     Minutes ZPC 08th October 2013

Agenda ZPC 10th September 2013                               Minutes ZPC 10th September 2013

Agenda ZPC 9th July 2013                                             Minutes ZPC 16th July 2013

Agenda ZPC 11th June 2013                                          Minutes ZPC 11th June 2013





The Parish Council have recently reviewed and amended their Policies.  Amendments have been made to the Standing Orders and Financial Regulations.  Please click on the name of the appropriate document in order to see the draft.  These policies will be adopted at the next meeting of the Parish Council on Tuesday 10th September 2019.



The Parish Council are a key consultee for planning applications in the parish and every planning application is discussed at a Parish Council meeting.  Information on forthcoming applications can be found on our agenda.  There is always a period of public participation at these meetings where parishioners can come along and give us their views on planning applications or any other matter within the Parish.  To view the application on the Cornwall Council planning page please click on the relevant application no listed in the tables below:

2019 Applications
Application Location Proposal Status
PA19/01533/PREAPP Wicca, Zennor Request for minimum energy efficiency standards (MEES) exemption evidence Awaiting advice
PA19/01373 & PA19/01374 Lower Tregarthen, Zennor Replace existing septic tank with package treatment plant and relocate onto land owned by applicant.  Installation of an effective land drain and outfall dropping down into the stream and the associated Listed Building consent for this change of use Awaiting decision
PA19/04336 & PA19/04337 Winifreds Cottage, 1 Post Office Row, Zennor Internal alterations and replacement of existing single storey rear extension with new single storey rear extension and the associated Listed Building Consent for this change of use Awaiting decision
PA19/04522 Land South of Heather Brae, Newmill, Conversion of Barn to Form Dwelling and Associated Works Awaiting decision
PA19/03075 Kerrow Barn, Higher Kerrowe Farm, Newmill Installation of 3 roof windows to rear pitch of barn Approved with conditions
PA19/01423 Bosigran Farm, Access track to Bosigran Farm, Pendeen Listed Building Consent to replace sliding sash windows and front door Withdrawn
PA19/0065 & PA19/00666 Bridge House, Road Between B3306 and the Old Vicarage, Zennor Change of Use of vacant buildings to light industrial units, a shop / tearoom and a domestic annex and associated works and the associated Listed Building Consent for this change of use Approved with conditions
PA19/00282 Tremedda Farm, Zennor Relocation of 1 wooden pole not exceeding 12m in a height with overhead lines attached to allow for the undergrounding of 12 spans of overhead lines No objections
PA19/00284 Carn Cobba, Zennor Notice of intention to install a new ground mounted substation Prior approval not required

Older Applications

Application Location Proposal Status
PA18/10885 Bridge House, road Between 3306 and the Old Vicarage, Zennor Listed Building Consent for new roof light, replacement windows and door, en-suite shower room Approved with conditions
PA18/09424 Land SSE of Heather Brea, Newmill Conversion of barn to form dwelling and associated works Withdrawn
PA18/09369 Meadow Cottage, Zennor Listed Building Consent application for internal and external refurbishment Approved with conditions
PA18/07740 & PA18/07741 The Byre, Zennor Conversion and minor alterations to a redundant farm building to form an unfettered dwelling, change of use of some surrounding land from agricultural to residential and the associated Listed Building Consent for this change of use Approved with conditions
PA18/08679 The Climbers Club, Count House, Pendeen Installation of new septic tank and removal of existing tank Approved with conditions
PA18/05019 Trewey Farm Prior Notification for proposed 4g equipment at Trewey Farm Approved unconditional
PA18/05020 Treen Farm Prior Notification for proposed 4g equipment at Treen Farm Prior approval not required
PA17/11757 Bosigran Cottage, Pendeen Listed Building Consent for amendments to PA17/07051, to include air source heat pump, roof ventilation and air bricks Approved with conditions
PA17/09106 The White House, Zennor Listed Building Consent for proposed works to incorporate a new shower-room within the existing ground floor of the B&B Approve with conditions
PA17/09126 The Piggery & Land, Chykembro, Zennor Alterations and extension to the piggery and cowshed to form an unfettered dwelling Approved with conditions
PA17/06440 & PA17/06441 Bridge House, Road between B3306 & The Old Vicarage, Zennor Alterations and extensions to convert to a holiday dwelling together with associated site works and the associated Listed Building Consent for this change of use Approved with conditions
PA17/07051 Bosigran Cottage, Pendeen Listed Building Consent for the conversion and minor alterations of office building to a holiday dwelling Approved with conditions
PA17/03115 Land at Treen Farm, Treen, Zennor Installation of telecommunications compound including equipment cabinets, generator, satellite dishes and a 15m high pole on a concrete base.  New opening formed in wall and provision of a 1.2m high fence surrounding the compound Refusal – one reason